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Challenge Fuel

Give your customers a seamless experience

We work with enterprise retailers to develop a customisable program built on the Goody platform.

Make your message personal

Personalise your marketing communication, by sending the right offer, at the right time, to the right person.

Activate churning customers

Understand exactly where your customers are within the lifecycle and reactivate them with an offer.

Integrate with your POS

We work with a range of POS providers to merge SKU level data to members account for seamless point earn and burn.

Get to market faster

Use the pre-built Goody software platform to ensure your program meets requirements.

Integrate with your POS

Challenge Fuel uses Goody as their technology provider for the My Challenge Rewards Programme. Goody manages all its loyalty transaction processing and customer data. This all integrates with a range of different POS systems currently in use across 80 stores.

The integration has empowered Challenge with total visibility of their customer base. Something they simply never had before. It's proven to increase fuel volume litreage and reactivate lost customers.

Migrate your existing platform

Host Rewards wanted to retain loyal customers and increase sign-up rates across accommodation providers.

Operating a legacy system, Goody migrated information over to the Goody Cloud-Based platform and enabled customers to sign up, using a customer's Goody mobile app.

This gave Host the ability to track visits and information on nights stayed. It also replaced the full administration of internal redemptions and payments back to individual properties.

We give you full access to a solution that works for head-office and the store.

We get to understand your business

We customise the software to suit

You manage and control the program

We get to understand your business.

We customise the software to suit.

You manage and control the program.

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Whether you're looking to reward your regulars or automate your loyalty marketing, Goody can help.

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