Everything you need to know about your Goody membership

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Rewards and offers from your local

Goody is the best way to get rewarded at places you love. With Goody in your pocket, you’ll get access to rewards and offers, direct from your local retailer.

Earn points & rewards

Points and rewards are specific to the store and created by the business. Just scan after every purchase.

Track your points

See exactly how far away you are to earning a reward or when you last used an offer.

Redeem great offers

Discover new places and redeem great offers from exclusive retailers.

Support local business

Rewards and offers are specific to each retailer, so you're helping local businesses that make your neighbourhood great.

Sign up in-store or through the app

All you need is your Goody app, or grab a card the next time you're in-store.

Get local rewards

Scan in-store to earn points to unlock rewards and offers created by local businesses.

Redeem local offers

Found an offer you like? Save it for later or redeem in-store. Just scan on the tablet or show staff what you’d like to redeem.

Frequently asked questions

Lost your Goody Card?

Download the app, or pick up another card from a Goody location. Register it using the same email address.

How do I redeem local offers?

You can either redeem an offer by scanning on the tablet or show staff what you would like to redeem.

Missing points or rewards?

Talk to your local retailer first or contact Goody support.

How do I check my point balance?

Simply sign in to your account or check it using your Goody app.

Get the app

Get goodies from local places you love. Download the app and help support local business.

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