Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Easily connect your Microsoft Dynamics system with Goody

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Connect your POS system

Goody can be implemented on any Windows POS or Android system, such as Microsoft Dynamics, to deliver a comprehensive suite of features for your customer loyalty program. Once up and running, it works in the background with your POS and means you can:

Reward on dollars spent

Incentivise customers based on how much they spend with your business.

Manage redemptions

Redeem rewards, points and offers, directly from the point of sale.

Associate transaction data

Link transactions, products and SKU data to your member accounts.

Manage member accounts

Seamlessly sync and manage your members and contacts to your CRM.

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How it works

Goody takes loyalty rewards and CRM marketing, previously the domain of only the biggest brands, and democratises it. Through Goody, retailers can associate transaction and SKU data to member accounts, through our clever linking software which works with most legacy installed POS systems. From there, we provide a platform to analyse, segment and engage your customer base through meaningful messages.

Associate transactions to member accounts

Sync and associate member transactions to individual loyalty member accounts.

Eliminate staff input

Automatically apply loyalty points to member your customer purchases.

Managed in the cloud

Works across Windows or Android-based POS systems and is managed from the cloud.

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Whether you're looking to reward your regulars or automate your loyalty marketing, Goody can help.

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