Reaching a wider audience

Combining two separate facilities, and a neighbouring climbing wall, the YMCA's Adventure Centre is one of the biggest facilities of its kind in Christchurch. The trouble was, not many people knew about it.

While the YMCA is a charitable trust, it's still imperative to get people through the door. Any money they take in is used to reinvest into the next generation - back into the charity and the work they do in the community. Mike Barber, Adventure Centre Manager, knew there was huge opportunity in the Adventure Centre, so when he was introduced to Goody he jumped at it. Goody, he says, had the reach they needed. A lot of the local climbers already know about us - we don't need to tell them about us as much. Using Goody, we can get into a new market, and that is fantastic."

Reaching new market

The YMCA climbing wall is a busy place - they do everything from after-school programmes, running children's and teenagers courses, to more advanced sessions for adults. That hasn't always been the case. Mike says Goody has been instrumental in getting more - and more varied - people through the door. Although Mike initially intended to use Goody to attract people to the Clip-and-Climb, they also "noticed a huge uptake in people using the climbing wall as well." With over 450k members, Mike says Goody has "helped us reach new markets."

A win-win situation

Implementing Goody has been a real win-win for Mike - the YMCA can say "thank you" to their regular customers, while also encouraging more frequent visits and building a valuable customer database. The YMCA are using the system to give away free visits - just a handful of visits and you get the next one free. He says repeat visits are on the up, especially amongst those who didn't visit as often. And the best part? The clients love it.

"Using the rewards system was a no-brainer, really. It's a real bonus for customers, and they think it's fantastic. It encourages them to come more often where they wouldn't have done before."

Probably just as valuable to the YMCA is the chance to build their own customer database - the first step to truly connecting with and better serving their visitors. They use their database to make sure the right people know about upcoming courses and events. "Off the back of the Goody system, you collect a lot of information in terms of customer data, which is really useful for us."

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"Very easy, pretty flash"

A modern, simple system like Goody makes implementing it a lot easier - not just because people find it intuitive and enjoyable to use, but also because it reflects well on the brand. Mike says the design of the software and the way it's presented - on an iPad - "looks pretty flash" and is part of the reason why he's received no negative feedback on it.

"Goody is very easy, very quick, very simple. It keeps the place looking current as much as anything!"

Instant upselling and cross-selling

From a marketing perspective, Mike says "it's amazing" what he has been able to achieve with that customer data. Goody makes it easy to communicate with customers. People are scanning their Goody app at the Clip and Climb, which means the Adventure Centre can use that data to up-sell - and cross-sell - the climbing wall or one of their courses. Their customers get a richer, more valuable service and the YMCA grow their income.

"The main success has been upselling and cross-selling. We've noticed a huge uptake in people using the climbing wall and in our courses."

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