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The benefits of new technology

Host Accommodation is a network of over 70 motels & motor lodges throughout New Zealand. Although they offered a loyalty system that encouraged that crucial repeat business, it was flawed from an operational point of view. Ross Domney, whose motel is a Host Accommodation member, says they "needed more of a straightforward option."

The system wasn't one size fits all - for some motels it could be integrated seamlessly with their property management system, for others using the system meant going through a manual process with lots of time-consuming data entry. That was also a little off-putting for customers, who didn't like waiting to be signed up, or giving away too much information.

Host Rewards General Manager Chris knew the platform's limitations, and the company has since shifted their loyalty programme over to Goody. The difference, he says, has been remarkable. The process went from a lot of fields needing to be completed, to just one or two, which reduced the sign-up time considerably. "The Goody system is such a cleaner and better system, from an operator and consumer point of view. Technology is cutting out all the admin. That's great in an ever busier world, and had a direct impact on member growth. Now we have had a lot more people engage in the programme."

Opening up a world of possibilities

In Ross's own words "hooking in with Goody" introduced them to a new group of people, helping him reach new markets. He has already noticed that a handful of people have gone to his motel simply because they had a Goody.

"Thousands of people have a Goody, so it gives us more exposure, more opportunities for people to consider us for accommodation. In a short time, Goody has opened us up to a larger market." Another benefit is being able to grow his corporate customer base and attract more domestic leisure travelers. Now using Goody, he can run his own individual promotions and has "put a couple of specials on already."

Chris says using the Goody system has transformed their entire database - it's become "really active." He now also has access to a much larger group of people in the Goody network. Host can communicate to their customers, getting them to like their Facebook page and sign up to their email, which is creating "much better engagement."

"We have woken up from a slumber - we are talking to our customers and it's awesome."

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Easy roll out and implementation

Both Ross and Chris were surprised at just how little disruption there was for their Host members when moving over to the Goody platform. A major bonus was that with Goody's custom service the Host Rewards branding remained front and centre. All the tablets in each motel were customised by Goody and branded with the Host Rewards logo.

And for the motel operators, the integration was seamless. Ross says it only took a couple of days to get used to using the new system, and he saw that it was similarly simple for their guests. "They come in and swipe and all we have to do is approve, so it saves us a lot of time compared to all the data entry we had to do in the old system. It is now driven by the customer."

Ross also found the support of the Goody team "excellent - really, really good." That service made the switch to Goody far simpler. "Punters were coming through the door as if nothing had changed and that's a real measure of success."

Chris says Goody's "quicker, more efficient" system has made it easy to convince existing customers to move across. All in all, with great support from Goody, instant uptake from existing members and exposure to a new market, Ross says they won't be looking back. "Host is an excellent programme, and with the enhancement and help that Goody can offer, it will help us grow our business."

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