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Putting customers at the heart of Frenchie & Co.

Frenchie & Co are a new beauty therapy and hairdressing brand with salons in Browns Bay and in Takapuna. They offer a full range of beauty and hair services, including a special 'beauty bar' for quick treatments like waxing, lash tints or spray tanning.

When the brand was launched, owner Brodie Proykova knew that in the beauty business especially, customer loyalty was the key to success. That's why, right from the start, she included a traditional 'coffee card' loyalty scheme. Cards were kept at the salon, and stamped as clients came for treatments. Brodie says it worked really well, but it had its down sides – it was hard to manage, especially as the business grew.

"People liked to use it, and would always ask staff to stamp their cards. But it took time to go through the drawer and find the right card. As the business was growing, we outgrew the paper loyalty system."

Brodie new she needed a digital system – and since she already knew the people at Goody – and knew they were at the "forefront" of the digital world, she didn't look much further.

Supporting the 'customer centric' values

Once she looked into it more, she saw that Goody offered more than just a digital replacement for her 'coffee card'. While it's just as compelling, Goody also lets Frenchie & Co connect to customers – something that's at the very heart of the way they do business.

With Goody, Brodie finds she can reward her clients' loyalty while also keeping in touch with them more easily. For example, she can now send out regular newsletters. It's given her a greater understanding of who her customers are too, so she knows how best to serve them. That's good for clients – and good for business.

"Goody helps us put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Lots of people say that, but don't act on it, but Frenchie & Co was always going to be very customer-centric."

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Goody's customer data means better services

Goody is also supported by an easy-to-use marketing automation platform – something that Frenchie & Co didn't have before. It lets them keep track of customer data points and let's them offer a wider variety of rewards than was possible with the old paper system. That means Brodie can spend more energy time nurturing her existing client base.

"It's a great tool for future marketing, to convert clients from hair to beauty and vice versa. I'm glad we get to offer people a selection of rewards, and they can try new things that way."

"It's a great tool for future marketing, to convert clients from hair to beauty and vice versa. I'm glad we get to offer people a selection of rewards, and they can try new things that way."

Brodie has had very positive reaction from her clients. They comment on how attractive the brand looks, and although it's still too early to track the programme's financial success, there are already definite spikes in business activity. "Clients say our brand with Goody is really gorgeous, and no-one has ever said 'No, I don't want to use it.' It does look great, really professional."

With Goody, it's easy to reward your loyal clients, Brodie says. She's found it simple and easy for both customers and her team to collect and track points. The support team at Goody has also made things simple – she says they've been expert and easy to work with. "It's very futuristic. People are sick of all the loyal cards out there. Goody is just a little tab that goes on your key ring. My clients don't have to leave it in the salon, because it's attached to their house and car keys. Simple."

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