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Re-branding - taking a leap of faith

How do you combine your "mixed bag" of pharmacies under one brand, without losing the loyal customer base you've been growing for years? For Chin Loh and his business partners that was a major concern. They knew their future depended on rebranding, but had a tough choice to make. Build a new brand, Antidote where they'd be free to make their own decisions, or keep everything under the thumb of a corporate giant.

A survey of their customer base seemed to support their concerns - if they lost Flybuys, they'd lose customers. But in the end, independence was worth a risk - but it meant they needed a new loyalty scheme.

They looked into AA rewards, but discarded the idea when Chin saw that they would have to access it through another supplier. That's when they came across Goody, which Chin says looked like a really interesting programme.

"The way it would reward our customers for the number of visits and amount of spend - allowing us to tailor our offers accordingly - made it a bit different and more accessible for our customers."

Why Goody was a great alternative to Flybuys for Antidote

Before Goody, Chin and his colleagues were relying on Flybuys, a "generic corporate brand." What Chin liked about Goody was that it was more connected to each individual store. "For a smaller town it created a bit more loyalty, people not feeling like they were dealing with a big corporate. Instead people feel like they are dealing with a local."

And when it came to running in-store promotions, Goody beat Flybuys hands down, according to Chin. To run a promotion with Flybuys, there was a lot of back and forth with head office, Chin would have to plan months in advance, and there was a large cost involved. The final result was a mail drop by post.

With a Goody promotion, he had a lot more flexibility and control. The interface, he says, makes it easy to communicate to customers on the fly, rather than having to plan months ahead. With Goody, he can do it "pretty much on the spot." This more dynamic, simpler way of working was exactly what the businesses needed.

"It allows us to run promotions easily, without too much hassle. For example, we had some leftover stock we needed to sell, and within 20 minutes I'd launched an offer. It went live that same day and was emailed direct to our customers."

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The simple way to keep customers

The biggest goal for Chin was retaining his loyal customer base through the rebrand. The simplicity of the Goody system - and its obvious benefits to consumers - came through. To transfer their customers over to Goody, and compete with Flybuys, they treated every transaction as an opportunity to sign them up.

Goody was a huge part of why Chin can expect his customers to come back. "What we've achieved is Goody was a huge part of why Chin can expect his customers to come back. that we didn't lose a lot of customers, which we thought we would when we lost Flybuys."

Growing with Goody

Now that the Antidote chain is over the first challenge of keeping customers, they're beginning to see that Goody can help them bring in new ones too. The system's easy-to-use marketing platform, and integration with other software, are features you don't get with other loyalty schemes. "We know we could use Goody to grow our customer base if we use the data to market more promotions. It's great to have that at your fingertips."

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