Add Goody to your business, and boost your loyalty program.

Goody's loyalty and customer engagement suite works with most systems, to help power your program.

Add Goody to your business Add Goody to your business

Supercharge your program, at a fraction of the cost

Every retailer vies for a customer attention. Stand-out from the crowd with a suite of tools to boost loyalty program member engagement.

  • Zero Transaction Fees

    Corporate programmes can charge retailers up to 3% in transaction fees. With Goody, there are no transaction fees, just a low-monthly subscription.

    Zero Transaction Fees
  • Total Control

    Manage your loyalty promotions and rewards using cloud-based loyalty software, that connects directly to your tablet or point of sale program.

    Total Control
  • Apps for everything

    Goody works with a range of POS systems, and provides members with a universal member app to manage their enrollment.

    Apps for everything
  • Guaranteed more members

    Want more loyalty members? Add-on a tablet to increase member sign up rates by 500 percent compared to conventional pos loyalty programs. Works with your current Android or IOS tablet device.

    Guaranteed more members

The largest universal loyalty system with over 850,000 registered members and 700+ locations.

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