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Small town, big impact: Fresh Fish Tinwald

Fresh Fish Tinwald has been selling classic Kiwi fish and chips, gourmet burgers, and – yes – fresh fish to the tiny community of Tinwald in the South Island for six years. The family-owned and operated business prides itself on its high-quality produce and great customer service, which is why they have such a loyal following in the small town.

Owner Laura Weaver credits Goody with helping the business reward that loyalty – and improve their customer service. The online rewards software lets the Fresh Fish team sign customers on to their database, load reward points, communicate with customers and even offer personalised freebies.

It has worked so well for their business that more than a third of the population of Tinwald has signed up already!

Rewarding repeat business

Rewards schemes are nothing new. In fact, Fresh Fish Tinwald had an in-house card system before they signed up with Goody. That system was basic – customers received a card, staff stamped it when they made a purchase, and they received a free item for every five stamps. However, because it relied on customers remembering to bring their card and ask for a stamp, it was underused.

Goody seems more advanced, but is actually much easier to use. Now, all customer information is stored online, so customers can check in using their email address or app. This makes it easier for staff to track rewards points and freebies, so customers don't miss out.

Laura explains how it works for them: “Every Monday I load Goody with a free offer for that week, and it is emailed to our database. For example, this week is 'Make any purchase instore, scan your Goody app and redeem a free double chocolate wrap.' We also have a birthday freebie, so on their birthday they get sent an email and their account is automatically loaded with an offer."

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Boosts and benefits

Since implementing the new rewards system, Fresh Fish Tinwald has had a significant number of sign-ups – in fact, a staggering 1,251 out of the 3,075 people in Tinwald now have a Goody account. That's a pretty impressive level of customer loyalty.

The promise of discounts and freebies is a big motivation for customers to sign up, but it's not the only factor. Laura also credits her staff, who make a huge effort to promote Goody and prompt customers to scan it on every visit.

"The main advice I would give another business looking into Goody is that the best way to get the most out of the system is to actually use it and be active with it all the time. Make sure your staff are asking every single customer if they have or want a Goody account, because most of the time if you don't remind the customer they will forget to scan their app."

Information and insight

Fresh Fish Tinwald's old rewards system involved handing out anonymous stamp cards, which were often never seen again. There was no way to monitor how many people had the cards, how many used them, or how often people returned to the business. Unlike that system, Goody functions as a detailed database of customer information and an efficient way to communicate with customers.

When people subscribe to their programme, they enter details including their name, email address, phone number, and date of birth. This information is invaluable when it comes to tailoring their marketing and promotions. The business can send weekly promotions to the whole database, send email updates of upcoming promotions, and give each customer a birthday message and reward.

The system also lets the business see how often customers return to the business, what proportion of customers are repeats, and what people are buying. This information helps Laura and her team tailor their products and marketing to their customer base.

Laura explains that the database is a huge benefit for Fresh Fish Tinwald: "The more customers we have on our database, the better value for money it is. We ensure customers return by providing quality food, amazing customer service, a clean shop, and enticing freebies using Goody!"

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